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Dip Spin

What Is Dip Spin?

Dip spin is a process whereby product is placed in a mesh basket, submerged in coating solution and spun to remove excess coating. The temperature and viscosity of the coating, immersion time, spin direction and velocities and the cure method are among the variables that allow users to customize a process recipe and achieve precise, highly repeatable results.

Also notable is dip spin’s ability to minimize the cost of both coating material and waste disposal. This is due to the 98% or greater on average transfer efficiency.

Why Use Dip Spin?

The advantage to Dip Spin is the ability to coating a large quantities of small parts at a fast rate. This can keep the cost per piece very low .

In addition, this allows the Reifel Industries to use specialized coatings to meet additional customer requirements that cannot be used in the e-coating process.

Advantages of Planetary Dip-Spin

  • Economical
  • High Volume
  • 99% Transfer Efficiency.
  • Multiple Basecoat / Topcoat Combinations Possible.
  • No head fill on recess drives.


Why Dip Spin with the Reifel Industries?

The Reifel Industries has been utilizing Dip-Spin paint coating since 1984. Our experience in this process is a major advantage to our customers . We can analyze the parts that needs coating and use our knowledge and expertise to provide our customer with maximum efficiency for his product, in both quality and cost.

The Reifel Industries has 3 automated Dip-Spin lines. This allows us the flexibility to run multiple coatings and a variety of sizes and shapes.