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Zinc Plating

What Is Zinc Plating?

Our new barrel zinc electroplating line was installed in late 2020. The highly automated line features soft handling transfer points, 12 electroplating cells, robotic passivation, and an integrated hydrogen embrittlement relief oven. The automated loading system ensures optimum barrel load size. PLC controlled rectifiers on each plating cell provide precise plating thickness control. The line has two robotic passivation cells. One is before the integrated hydrogen embrittlement relief oven and the second is after the oven. This allows passivation protection for the zinc during the 8 hour 400 degree bake cycle and precise passivation and color control after the bake. We can supply clear bright zinc, bright blue zinc and a very consistent deep gold yellow zinc. After the second passivation, parts can be automatically transferred to a tilt/tumble dip-spin applicator for a dry film lube. The process also allows for parts to bypass the dry film lube step and go to one of our planetary dip-spin coating lines for application of high performance topcoats.